Camping Trek

This classical style of trekking is especially conducted in remote and unexploited areas of Nepal and well-suited for off the beaten path treks. Camping trek might be the only option left for somenewly discovered and less crowded treks in the Himalayas. And it is a perfect chance to get a deep insights into local lifestyle of people in Himalayan areas and enjoy the nature to the fullest. Another advantage is that it doesn’t limit the path only to the frequently travelled trails and. Youcan take the off the beaten trek paths without caring about availability of hotels and lodges. We are providing all necessary equipments and tools for camping and cooking and also take careof all related work (setting up tents, cooking etc.).

You can just enjoy the trek without worrying about anything. Our friendly crew includes porters, cook and assistants – all experienced andfriendly. They will ensure that the camping site is clean, cook healthy food for , set up the tents and accompany you as your trekking partners. During the trek you can enjoy both – local or westernal food. Our cook makes very tasty and nutritious meals and knows very well what type of food you should eat while you are on your high altitude trek .If you need some specific dietary supplements, please let us know beforehand. We use comfortable and airy tents for sleeping and also set a dining and a latrine tent with enough separation. We will ensure that your camping trek in Nepal is a lifetime experience without unnecessary obstacles.