Our story

Ram Kumar Ghale(Ram)

I’ve always been keen interest working in the tourism sector. I love meeting new people and traveling to different places, exploring their natural beauty and interacting with the local people always allures me. At the beginning  of my career, At first I started as a porter. I learn a lot of things from my senior and guide while working as a porter. After working for one and half year as a porter, As I became familiar with the route, I started as a guide in short treks.  I took training for trekking guide and got a license since 2011 then I started my career as a trekking guide.

As I walked along the trails as a trekking guide for 9 years carrying the essentials for the trekkers, the route became familiar. As a travel guide, I made many trekking, tour . My experience of trekking guide helped me gain better understanding at making the journey safe and fun-filled for the trekkers.  Taking up this profession has not only help me meet my ends but also exploring the majestic beauty of my country and have fellow trekkers experience the same. My motive is to make the trekking journey for my guests a journey of a lifetime. I’ve a gained lot of knowledge and experience about Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Nar Phu and all the lower and upper part of Manaslu