Terms of Booking

Our Terms and Conditions comprise several important information regarding the trekking and tour services offered by Himalayan Friendly Pvt. Ltd. For your information, Himalayan Friendly Pvt. Ltd. shall be referred to as “us”, “we”, “our” or “The Company” from this moment onward. Moreover, our clients are hereby informed that our Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the client must read & understand our Terms and Conditions appropriately & formerly before buying or procuring any of our available goods/services

Booking and payment 
Reserve your trek by making a preliminary booking on our web site. A preliminary booking is not a final booking and does not require any pre-payment or financial  commitment. Himalayan Friendly  except Travelers Cheque, Wire Transfer,Visa or Mater Card, Western Union Cash – US Dollar, Euro – Pound, Hong Kong Dollar Australian Dollar, Singapore Dollar -etc.

Our bank details are as follows:

Pay to Himalayan Friendly PVT.LTD

Current A/c: 0700010027138

Paying Bank:Mega Bank Nepal Ltd

Branch: Gangabu, Kathamandu Nepal

Swift code: MBNLNPKA

Note:  Bank charge should be paid by the clients at the time of deposit.

Early Back:-

If tour either trekking is stopped or early arrival due to nature problem likewise weather reasons this case Himalayan Friendly no refund because we have paid guides and porters for their booked.

Our porters carry limited:-

While porters are there to help make comfortable and enjoyable their your trip, they are human too!  Please note the limit for what a porter can carry on any trip is 25kg which includes their own backpack of a maximum of 5kg.  Please pack considerately

Changes in the Itinerary and Flight delays:

Clients must remember that by abiding with these legal Terms and Conditions, The Company has the right and authority to change the trip itineraries if deemed viable or necessary for success of the trips and safety of the clients. Many unplanned circumstances may occur unanticipatedly which can be totally beyond our control. Hence in situations like bad weather, natural disasters (earthquake, landslides) and political instability, The Company can decide to change or modify their previous trip itinerary and follow a new route. While doing so, The Company shall always inform the news of about the changes to the respective clients immediately without much delay.

In the same manner, flight schedules are prone to delays and even cancellations which can force The Company to delay the trip till their next flight departure. So, if the flight gets cancelled while heading to the designated travel destination then The Company is obliged to pay for their accommodation fees which can occur during their extra stay in the city. However, if the flight were to be cancelled while retuning back to the city from their trip destination then, the company is not responsible to pay for their accommodation or any other extra expenses occurred during their delayed time period. Additionally, if the client is in a situation where they have missed their international flight back home then The Company will not be accountable for their flight cost.

Risk And Responsibility:-

Your safety and enjoyment is our prime concern. We therefore carry out our responsibility honestly & sincerely to ensure your holiday trouble–free as well as you have desired. Nevertheless, unless stated otherwise, trip may be change under uncertain and inherent circumstances such as land-slides, road blockage, flood, snow political unrest, cancellation of flight, delay arrival, sickness or accidents etc. Any extra cost incurring there is your personal responsibility and should be borne on the spot.